Autopromotec 2017: A constant growing event, also for YDEA

The 27th edition of Autopromotec, the International exhibition of equipment and automotive aftermarket, took place in Bologna from May 24th to 28th. The organizers confirm the success of the event, attesting to numbers of absolute importance: 113,616 Total attendance of professional operators, well 9,627 more then compared to the last edition (+ 9.26%). Of these, 90,061 come from Italy while 23,555 from abroad, with an increase of 8,06% of attendance of Italian professional operators and of 14.09% of international. The event also recorded the presence of 422 specialist journalists, 33.4% of whom from abroad. (Source:

YDEA Kit at Autopromotec 2017

In this context, high attention to the YDEA product range.  A lot of curiosity as always for the methane and LPG range, with a high number of requests for information and clarifications, as well as for the filtration kit range, with expressions of appreciation both for the quality of the products and of the packaging.  The recent introduction of the range of air, oil, fuel and cockpit filters, further in development at the level of the number of codes in the catalogue, was also very welcome by the professional operators.




Ydea LPG Spare parts at Autopromotec 2017

We thank all those who have visited our stand, giving us on the one hand to be able to provide detailed and focused information on the YDEA offer, on the other hand offering the possibility to have an always important feedback "first Orient the development of the brand in the direction expected from the market.

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