Filling adapters


Filling adapters are needed when refuelling cars fitted with LPG systems.  Due that there is still not an unified model of them in different countries, may be needed to purchase an additional adaptor for refuelling in different countries.

They can be useful both for italian drivers when going abroad, or for foreign drivers comin in Italy.  Otherwise, may be necessary to purchase a new adapter following its loss or damaging of the one currently in use.

All filling adapters YDEA are very strenght, due that they are made by casting/turning in one piece, while others on the market are made by mechanical assemby and result more fragile.

YDEA filling adapter are available for three different designs: Dish – in use in Italy,  bayonet and ACME, declined in different lengths and engaging threads on the filler pipe.

News for 2016 are filling adaptors with sintered bronze filter inside. They perform a primary filtration when already when refuelling, before LPG come to the tank. In this way more components of the LPG system are protected.

They are really useful for prolonging the life of the LPG pump fitted inside the tank  of newest cars.